JTBD workshop tip: “Give your customer a gift”

I’ve been working with a team of leaders at BNP Paribas in Singapore today as part of a Hyper Island Digital Leadership Masterclass together with my colleague Trechelle Ras.  It’s my first time back face-to-face after nearly 10 months and although we have used many of the ideas from “before Zoom”, we’ve also had a chance to refresh many of our sessions.

Digital Mindset, Data, Customer Centricity and  Leadership are the main pillars of the 2-day workshop with lots of hands-on making and problem solving tasks.  

As we often do, we ran a session exploring the Jobs to Be Done for banking customers and came up with a new twist that worked very well. The challenge is to empathise with the Jobs or Motivations of specific customers and to define their Functional, Social and Emotional Jobs.  

To reality check our participants empathy with the customers (and avoid them focusing on functions or benefits of their existing products) we asked them to “choose their customer a gift” matching the motivations they had identified,

Step 1: Listen to customers
Step 2: Extract insights (motivations/jobs)
Step 3: “Buy your customers a gift” to check whether you really empathise with their “jobs”

By switching away from their industry, the principle that customer have jobs (needs) and that they can be solved in many different ways was strongly reinforced. 

It added only 10 minutes to our session but delivered much richer conversations when we asked them to design a second gift: a better bank.

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