Analytics Cards

A card deck to help you and your team learn to explore business insights using Google Analytics

Whether you are a brand or an agency, a trainer or an entrepreneur, I want to help you understand and get more value out of your Google Analytics.

I am a teacher and academic (at a great school called Hyper Island) who teaches all sorts of people and companies about all things digital. Over the past couple of years I’ve notice a greater and greater interest in data and especially analytics.

Many people, many books and many online sites will help you find your way around the GA interface and allow you to generate endless reports but there are very few resources out there to really help you think about the why, the what and the how of using Analytics and what it all means.

A deck of cards to help make you better at Analytics

I’ve designed a deck of cards to help you explore Google Analytics in a very different way; either alone or in a workshop with others. If you work at a digital advertising agency or for a client these cards will help you discuss the “metrics that matter” and link the actions you take directly to the goals of the site or marketing activity.

Four types of cards

The deck is made up of 60 cards divided into 4 colour suits:

  • Yellow cards allow you think about your business goals – why are you running that site or digital activity?
  • Green cards help you explore the most important metrics inside GA – they are the numbers that matter. Think about how they help you see progress towards your business goals.
  • Red cards are GA dimensions. These include campaigns, keywords, content pages, traffic sources and many more and help you think about what’s working and what’s not.
  • Blue cards are actions and they tell you directly where to look in GA and what sort of things you might do to improve the numbers.

Cards are the perfect way to think about these ideas; you can sort and select, discuss and argue with others about what needs to change and where to focus your attention.

The cards come in a nice box with instructions and ideas for workshops.

Road tested and prototyped

I designed the cards late in 2015 and have been working with rough prototypes in workshops since then. The reaction has been amazing and clients have demanded I leave the cards behind so that they can continue to use them. The time seems right therefore to publish them and let other people try them out.

My second outing on Kickstarter

This time last year, I launched JTBD Cards: Learning to interview customers on Kickstarter and was enormously excited by the interest and response from students, clients, friends and strangers. Thousands of people have now been able to use the same resources I use in my own workshops.

I learned lots too about improving the look and feel of cards, about how to make them, about import duty, about testing and getting things just right and about selling them eventually on Amazon. Fascinating stuff and all those lessons will, I hope, pay dividends for this new campaign.


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