Who are we

We are Jonathan Briggs and Tan Wei Tze.

Jonathan was Professor at Kingston University in London until 2014.  He was also Founder of Hyper Island and is now one of the directors and a general troublemaker for Hyper Island‘s Asia office in Singapore. Jonathan speaks and consults both through Hyper Island and independently including for Unilever and Guardian Health & Beauty. He remains a director of London based Other Media Ltd.  Jonathan is an Associate Fellow of NTU’s Institute for Asian Consumer Insights.

Wei Tze trained in multimedia at SAE and has been a systems analyst for Penguin International in Singapore. He is involved with prototyping and rapid development for web, mobile and sensor projects as well as helping create learning materials and educational videos. He is involved with competitor research in English and Chinese.

We are also Crimson Sunbird, a Singapore LLP with a big interest in education, technology, agility, data, exploring the internet of things and making interesting software.

Contact us by email crimsonsunbird.sg AT gmail.com

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