One of the most interesting projects of 2015 was designing a set of training cards to help agencies, UX teams and clients explore the underlying needs of their customers using the Jobs To Be Done theory.

Designing workshop-based training is in my DNA and I wanted to help others run workshops on JTBD.  I’ve seen people like the idea but then fail to apply it because they don’t know where to start.

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Creating the cards was half of the story.  Making it available to others was at least as satisfying.  Wei Tze and I launched the cards as a Kickstarter project in early May 2015 and successfully raised enough money to print 500 decks through a professional card maker in Hong Kong.  We’ve now got people all over the world using the cards in workshops.

We now have a German Version too, translated by Eckhart Boehme.  This can be ordered directly from us using the Euro order from below.

Buy the cards directly from us and try them for yourself