Analytics Cards: exploring business goals

This post is one of a series run alongside my Analytics Cards Kickstarter campaign  to help people understand the deck of cards we have developed and to see how each part of the can be used and the sorts of insights  they will encourage you to explore with Google Analytics.

The cards have been designed to be used in many different ways. There are 50 double sided cards in total divided into 4 suits: goals, metrics, dimensions and actions.  This post will look at just one suit: the yellow goals cards.

I recommend starting by focusing on your digital business goals; thinking about why you have a site, app or digital strategy in the first place.

If you are running a workshop for a company mix up the participants so that each team represents people from different parts of the organisation.  If they are from different organisations get them to think individually about their own company goals and discuss why and how they are different.

Yellow = Goals

The Yellow cards help you think about your digital business goals and there are 20 of them covering a wide range of different business priorities.  Here are a few sample cards:

Yellow 4 Yellow 2 Yellow 3 Yellow 1

Your task is to select the goals that matter. 

I suggest you take the 20 cards and select the most important 10 and then from those, eliminate 7 to leave the 3 most important goals for your digital activities.  This could take 20-30 minutes or longer in a group (as they need to be discussed and agreed).

Take your time and think about how your current digital activities: site, apps, social presence, advertising, ecommerce etc are helping you achieve each goal.  Make notes as you explore.

Review your digital work if you have not done so recently.

If you are working with a group in a workshop discuss why you are selecting or rejecting each particular card.  The group’s aim is to come to a consensus on the business goals that should be pursued as part of your digital strategy.  Get each group to feedback their ideas and find ways to align all the groups so that you have a limited set of agreed goals.

I use this technique in my own workshops to stress the importance of defining the “why of digital” before diving into analytics reports and numbers.  It helps make sense of the numbers later because they will be understood in context.

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