A Canvas to Explore Client Agency Relationships

Lauren Currie and I have been working together to run a workshop with Hyper Island for European parts of the Dentsu Aegis Network for three days in Poland.  We talked, makes and played with Design Thinking, Jobs to be Done, Agility, SCRUM and agency processes and behaviours.

This morning we worked together to create a new canvas to help our participants explore client-agency relationships.  It was fun to build and test in the same day – we were both driven by the idea of modelling the behaviours we want to see in our learners.

Download the canvas here

Here it our prototype so that you can try it out and share it with others (Creative Commons).

Use it to imagine the dream client agency relationship or turn it round to explore the worst nightmare relationships that could be improved.  Use it to have conversations  not just about making improvements but be radical and imagine true dreams; i.e.  a world in which agencies don’t exist any more.  Replace your own agency with Google, Alibaba, Unicef or a start-up and think about the difference this makes to your answer.  Find dream clients that genuinely improve the world through reciprocal value exchange.

See this as a starting point and not an end point. During our first workshop one of the DAN learners pointed out that relationships end and that this is never considered.  Use this as another jumping off point for your own exploration. We recommend watching Joe McLeod’s talk on Closure Experiences.

Lauren and I both take away our own learnings about the power of collaboration but also the strong impression that advertising, marketing and media buying companies are at last facing up to the likelihood of their extinction. We hope that this tool and lots of others that people reading this create and share will help you have this conversation and change.

The designers reading this are aware of the recent buy outs and acquisitions. The role of a design agency is also changing and we believe it should be challenged. This tool is a way to practice what you preach; prototyping, visualising and iterating, on your own agency.

We hope this is the start of a wider conversation about the future of agencies. We’d invite you to use this tool and then give it to your friends and colleagues. Tell us what works and what doesn’t work and how’d you’d make it better. Tell us what how this conversation is going in your agency and share what you are learning. Tag any pictures or tweets with #agencycanvas and talk to us @redjotter and @jonathanbriggs

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