Clustering keywords can be useful to help identify content topics and marketing opportunities.  There are specialist tools around but you can achieve many of the same outcomes using the tools you are probably already using including Google Adwords Adplanner.

Step 1: Start by generating or finding your list of keywords.  I’ve downloaded words from Google Analytics SEO and search query reports.

Step 2: Identify a sample of your keywords.  You can enter up to 800 words into AdPlanner but you’ll often be starting with more. In my experience it is important not to sort the words – this provides a better set of cluster categories.

Step 3: Log into Adwords and select the Keyword Planner Tool (inside Tools).  Use the Get search volume data and trends option.  Enter your keywords into the box provided.

Sept 4: Allow AdPlanner to group your words together into adgroups.  Click on Ad group ideas. These are your topic clusters and you can export these together with the clustered keywords back out for inclusion in a report.

Here is a brief example.

Here are some of the words from a recent analytics report I was exploring: shackleton exhibition london,naval museum, noon am or pm, the greenwich observatory, london national maritime museum, peter the great children, viking long ships, what is the prime meridian, museum jobs, when do clocks change uk, henry hudson 1610

And here are some of the clusters produced: Equinox, Viking, Solstice, Nelson etc


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