Last year I created some training cards around customer interviewing using the Jobs to be Done framework.  They have been quite popular and I’ve had lots of positive feedback.  People seem to like the tangibility of physical cards and the fact that they can use them to plan an interview or to remind them of key ideas.

I’ve been encouraged to create more teaching resources in a similar style and in the last month have started to create a deck around Google Analytics.  While working with people learning to use GA I’ve noticed a number of problems and I’m hoping that this deck will address those head on.

I’ve identified three main goals.  The first is to help learners understand the terminology involved especially the power and flexibility of metrics and dimensions.  Next is to help people construct questions they can ask analytics based on business needs.  Thirdly is to connect the data to what is being asked so that exploring becomes natural and fluid.

I want to create a resource that gives opportunities for people in agencies or brands running workshops or working on their own.  Notes or worksheets tend to be very inflexible and different facilitators should be able to adapt the session to fit the group, the setting, time available and access to  data.

I’ve been prototyping in Keynote and Pages.  I know this sounds odd but I find the layout tools in Keynote just enough to work quickly and easily.

Today, Wei Tze and I created the first decks ready for a workshop I am running tomorrow. We printed them locally and then cut and trimmed them by hand.  I took them to two meetings this afternoon and showed them off.  The response with two clients was very positive.  Things are looking good.

If you’re interested in early prototypes of this Google Analytics deck then fill in the form below.  We’ll keep you posted.  We want to make sure that they are road tested before they get spread to the world so give us at least 4-6 weeks.


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