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JTBD Cards: learning to interview customers
by Jonathan Briggs, Second Edition, 2016
JTBD Cards
  • 50 two sided cards
  • 5 starting questions
  • 11 followup questions to dig deeper
  • 15 insights to listen out for
  • 8 better ways to ask difficult questions
  • 11 questions to use in a B2B context
  • Quick start booklet

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Analytics Cards: exploring business insights with Google Analytics
by Jonathan Briggs, First Edition, 2016
Analytics Cards
  • 60 two sided cards
  • 15 business goals to help prioritise your digital goals
  • 17 metrics – the numbers that matter inside analytics
  • 12 dimensions – digital attributes you need to understand
  • 16 key questions to explore and how to find the answers in GA
  • Quick start booklet

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Workshop packs designed to support groups of 25-30 participants (teams of 5-6)  contain 5 decks.

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