One small change can build a new world

Here is a way to generate a new world that will get you started with world building: imagine that we start with a world just like our own and make a small change.  

It can be anything from a technological invention to a trend that sweeps across the globe.  Write it down and then consider the short term impact on our world.  What would happen to the way we work, live, shop, get health care or run our countries?  Perhaps only a few would notice and the change would fade away but what if it didn’t?

Think about the changes that would occur and the  the impact that these changes would have themselves on the world around us.  What are the ripple effects in 5 years time or in 10? And what effects in turn would these have?

Now create ways of communicating your changes to others; tell stories, draw pictures or maps, create models or show how life might change in other ways.

This is a diagram to illustrate the process of exploring one small change 

I have listed some of the changes you might explore and the areas of life that might be affected but don’t be constrained.  Use these as a starting point.  Consider the short term effects as well as the longer term knock-on effects.  Work with others to explore the changes you would see at work or in your community.

Exploring changes in organisations

The same model can be used to exploring the impact of small changes inside an organisation and while the range of changes remains the same, the main effects should be explored on departments or functions of the organisation plus external partners, suppliers, customers and consumers.

I hope this is useful and as usual would love builds and feedback to make it better.

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