Data voids and #thetalentedgardener

A gardener is a world builder in the real world; a maker of fruit, flowers, vegetables, landscapes and views, who works within the rules of climate, weather, insects, biology and time. Gardeners experiment and learn; constructing and refining models of what works and what does not but aware of the randomness of outcomes and the joy when things succeed.

This is a little experiment to see how long it takes to get listed in Google Search for a unique hashtag.  I am going to link worldbuilding and constructivist education at a talk later next month and I’m interested to see if I can get this hashtag out into the world.

This is based on danah boyd’s fascinating work on Data Voids.  These are low result words such as pizzagat that have often been exploited by far right activists to seed content that will be found once an idea has been “announced” in the main stream media to make the content look legitimate.  

I’ll report back once I see whether I can get this out there.

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