I spend a lot of time producing reports for clients to help them explore the data generated by their digital activities.  Some of this is from Google Analytics and it is easy to simply cut and paste what Google presents to create pages and pages of numbers: average session durations over the last month, sessions by default channel groupings and so on. Often it is hard for clients to see the wood for the trees.  My job, like any analyst, is to add interpretation and insight to make sense of the figures.

Scorecard PreviewThis week I have been experimenting with a template that I can use with new clients to help them focus on the core business numbers and data that affects those numbers. I will also use it in my teaching.  I wanted to get everything on one sheet and leave space for some comments. You can download my GA Scorecard here.

It is fairly quick to fill in if you know your way around Analytics.  Most of the tables can be generated using custom reports or dashboards although there is some filtering to do to.  I’m trying to move beyond top numbers to focus on interesting numbers.

Let me know if you find it useful or suggest how it can be improved.


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